The investor had bought a duplex apartment of about 72 square meters and had already done part of reconstruction herself.

Our task was to create a living space with variable eating corner, reconstructions of both bathrooms, reconstruction of the entire under roof space, which was supposed to be a playing room and sleeping room for kids as well as the construction of sufficient cabinets.  The apartment is located in Prague Karlin that means looseness together with the new spirit of modern times and change. This is the atmosphere  that you can breathe  downstairs along the streets  and that is is moving up and up towards the roof. And this is how the owner of the apartment feels it. We had to look for a young, out of time a light industrial line, spiced with a bit of playfulness.



The apartment had been reconstructed for the first time some years ago, so form the point of view of the construction, it was not necessary to make any big changes. We kept the original plant included the new oak floor on the down floor. On the walls we let the application of the concrete gravel that is quite typical for us. The variability of the eating corner was solved by the dining table on wheels and by the titling bench, which is hidden in the wooden cover of the wall. Instead of a  classic sofa, we have chosen  upholstered  covered walls, adjoining sofas. We completely demolished both bathrooms, we modified the plant and other equipments included a wc from a pendolino train:-)

We have split up the plant of the upper floor for kids to insert ‘tailored” furniture and the floor surface has been covered by a new woolen carpet. We added to the project new design lights. The new location of the furniture required a relocation of the electrical wiring, especially in the bathrooms and the air-condition connections on the upper floor.

We have been able not only to harmonize the entire flat to the line reflecting the lifestyle of the owner, but thanks to the pragmatism and the rigidity of the investors  we were even able to bring the projects more and more towards the aesthetic and functional sides in different ways, until the owner said: “STOP- finished!”


The original state

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