Investors have built a completely new ski resort in the Jeseníky Mountains, in Kouty nad Desnou. Of course, the area also included gastronomic facilities for hungry skiers. The whole building is modern and in addition to a generous buffet and bowling alley, it also includes two restaurants, one of which is a pizzeria. The concept was to sound modern, but at the same time respect the mountain environment with its materials. There should also be a pizza oven in the area for about 60 guests.



The pizzeria is called "Gallery". The concept consists in placing period photographs from the Jeseníky Mountains along the perimeter walls. The photos are black and white and enlarged to really look like images. In addition to old wood, we used metal with a rusty patina and oak veneer as the main materials. The walls, the column and the furnace itself are covered with hand-smoothed plaster, which has to intensify the period expression even more. The wood for the kiln, which is loosely stacked in the interior along the bar, is also gaining ground here. The character of the whole interior was indicated by the floor. We recovered old boards, which had no surface treatment and which can withstand the load in the form of ski boots surprisingly well.

The dominant elements are all luminaires that are hand-made to order according to our author's design, similar to dining and bar tables. The interior of the restaurant is pleasantly divided in height by a small step, which is separated by a raised wall. Adjacent to it is a long bench with bar tables. The supporting column is penetrated in the middle of the space, and optically we divided the restaurant into custom-made boxes with natural decorations.

But we couldn't overcome one thing with our interior design. Local pizza… low and crispy.


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