Not every young couple starts off with a 90m2 flat. Not every young couple has a flat made from the very appreciated Sakura. And not every young couple would have us design such a flat.



To create a maximally practical apartment for young parents with a fresh addition of a baby, so that the apartment has enough storage space, was not very extravagant in design, and remained as airy as possible.



At the last minute, we managed to adjust the floor plan of the partitions at the entrances to both bedrooms so that we could better build in the extensive storage spaces. We did not install the passage between the hall and the living space with a classic swing door, but replaced it with a sliding glass door, which is hidden behind the built-in wardrobe in the hall when opened. Due to the fact that the complete equipment of the apartment is made to measure, it was although necessary to redesign the electrical circuits and ways of lighting the premises.

Clients chose floors and sanitary ware and tiles from the developer's offer; but due to the higher above-standard of the entire apartment complex, these materials, especially the floor, are completely in line with our idea. The biggest discussion took place over the dining area. We classically promoted our already obligatory arrangement with benches, while the customer preferred the use of a classic table and chairs. In the end, visualizations and correctly chosen materials helped. We managed to transform the original idea of the owners about the furniture in white gloss into a white mat with a joint discussion. The whole apartment is made special by several ideas, which bring wit and novelty there. For example, a wireframe of continents in the living room on the wall, where the couple will mark the places they traveled. The metal wall structure of the kitchen, which turns into a library in the living room and will also be used for the exhibition of the owner's cognac collection. Elevated bar with a box for green herbs or horizontally divided wardrobes in the bedroom, which will otherwise optically enlarge the room. The room for the couple's several-month-old daughter still remains only on paper - she has our permission to adjust it to her own ideas and wishes when she grows up.



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