The young traveler girl decided to buy her first apartment in a nice locality of Modřany in Prague. Because she would live mostly alone in the apartment, she did not need too much space. We were given a clear assignment - plenty of storage space, original solutions and, most importantly, beware of all additional costs. Words like "cool", "trendy", "luxury" were most heard in the discussions. We have transformed these adjectives into our favorite "timeless" ones.



From the very beginning, we have often been partially limited by the development project. It was necessary to adapt to client standards, the method of heating, the design of windows, doors and floors, all with a view to monitoring the overall investment.

At the time of the projection, we couldn’t really influence the floor plan ,which was due not only to the high degree of construction of the entire apartment building, but also to the fact that the apartment is located on one of the lower floors. We managed to close at least one extra door between the hall and the bedroom and leave an open space from the hallway to the kitchen. This created space for a meaningful expansion of the kitchen.Instead of the backrest, we let the dining bench make a longitudinal chest of drawers, which at the same time optically divides the zone of the dining area and the living room. In the bathroom, we let the door slide so that the washing zone and the location of the toilet had more space and a better position.

The whole apartment is designed with furniture made to measure. We used LTD laminate in a combination of gray and oak decor, and we were convinced again that this choice always works aesthetically and with its timelessness. The main function of the built-in furniture is enough storage space, which is one of the basic factors that we emphasize in our implementations.
It is then up to the client himself whether he can conscientiously fill everything with various daily necessities and other junk.



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