This is the concept of bathroom we have in our atelier.
A bit different and very industrial. We had a look at it from a different point of view- do we really always need a cabinet under the sink? And does the sink always have to be ceramics? And does the wood always need to be painted with stain?

The power of the concept stays in its simplicity but also in the combination of the right materials which form together the entire composition.

The base is the floor by the company Diesel which evokes tear sheet metal .
The sink table was projected from spruce veneer.

The most significant thing is that we intentionally wanted not to use typical techniques to fix the wooden surface, for example lost color, when we use the polish on warm surface and the wood obtains according to us an artistic important quality- the shade of wood does not occur unexpected changes (it does not get yellow or dark) but at the same time it remains water proof. 
 To create the contrast with the natural wooden surfaces we have added a concrete sink.
The entire structure is then combined with a construction of natural steel, which is at the same time a towel drier.
The stored place is represented by a container on wheels made of the same material as the sink composition.


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